Partnering with local and national organizations, and people is vital to achieving long-term conservation success. Our partners in the field will multiply as the project grows. Investment in people is both necessary to make conservation efforts sustainable, and indeed truly important, because it empowers those most directly affected. Ultimately, an adaptive, hands-on approach should mutually benefit both people and wildlife. To date, the African Wild Dog Conservancy has developed partnerships with the organizations shown below.
Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS): Our affiliate organization, the KWS, recently opened local offices in the region. KWS is providing logistical support and coordinating field operations.
WomanKind Kenya (Wokike): Wokike is a non-governmental organization founded in 1989 by local Kenyan Somali pastoral women in the North Eastern Province. It exists to empower the most vulnerable members of the community, specifically women, destitute girls, and poor households in the Ijara, Garissa, and Wajir Districts, by improving the standard of living through capacity building, thus enabling these members to take control of their lives. The organization seeks to bring together the local community, and to confront ignorance, disease, poor livestock husbandry, environmental degradation, and poverty.
Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy: Located in the Masalani Division of the Ijara District, the conservancy surrounds the eastern sector of the Tana River National Primate Reserve and is managed by and represents local Somali pastoralist communities from Hara, Korissa, and Kotile. The conservancy is a core refuge and breeding ground for the endemic and Critically Endangered hirola antelope.
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